Intelligently Designed
sustainable solutions.

Using advanced design and patent pending technology, Strata creates innovative, long-lasting solutions for vexing environmental challenges.

Sanitary Landfills

We transform acres of open, burning dump into a safe, clean and organized landfills with US EPA equivalent operating standards. Our dump closure technology can reduce typical costs by 50%.

Renewable Energy

We can build solar and methane power projects on top of recovered open dumpsites, creating a renewable asset out of a toxic liability.


We design, build and operate zero-landfill waste management system for resorts, private islands, and communities that can achieve 75%+ recycle or reuse rates.

Composting Facilities

We design, build and operate commercial-scale facilities that process organic material and create high value soil and compost.

Golf Courses & Other Re-use

We can turn “wasted” landfill acreage into asset-generating projects such as golf courses, providing a beneficial reuse of environments in crisis and creating micro-green economies.

Off-Grid Recycling

We offer mobile, self-sustaining systems that enable you to tackle beach plastics and other recyclable debris in remote locations and create a value-add recycled plastic product.

Recycling & Transfer Stations

We design and operate recycling centers and transfer stations to appropriately manage & process waste streams of all types and sizes.